FCS SUP River Keel Tri Fin Set

FCS SUP River Keel Tri Fin Set

Soft, low aspect keel designed by Charlie MacArthur.


45,00 €


  • • Low aspect keel designed by Charlie MacArthur
  • • Soft yet pliant polypropylene construction
  • • Ideal for shallow river and extreme white water
  • • Designed to skid over rocks
  • • Can also be used on softboards


C4 Ambassador and experienced river rider Charlie MacArthur has designed the ultimate whitewater/river SUP keel that can be configured to suit your individual needs. 

These low-aspect keel fins draw only a few inches of water, meaning you‘ll rarely have to portage your SUP board over shallow stretches.

They have a long leading edge which act like a skid plate in the event of rock strikes, and the stiff but pliant plastic construction effectively absorbs impact.

Should you lose one, the bright colors and positive buoyancy also make them easy to retrieve at the next eddy.