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The FCS II Haydenshapes Shaper Fin

by Chris Durlacher | Dec 20, 2016
The new FCS II HS fin has been designed by Hayden Cox, and is purpose built to work with Australian surf industry awards 2 x surfboard of the year; the Hypto Krypto. This fin features a functional outline and foil, paired with a monochromatic snakeskin print inlay true to the Haydenshapes brand style and aesthetic.


• Functional template with long base and lower sweep
• Designed primarily for high volume models with low rocker.
• Cambered foil balances bite and release
• Performance Core Carbon (PCC) construction with snakeskin inlay.


Classified as an all-rounder, the outline can be compared to the FCS II Performer, but with a longer base to increase down-the-line drive and speed, and less sweep to enhance pivot. The cambered foil, which has a deeper concave at the base of the fin transitioning to a flat foil at the tip, is complimented by a rounded leading edge to maintain a smooth feel through each transition.


Perfectly suited to the HS Hypto Krypto and other higher volume board models with lower rocker, the fin produces exceptional speed when driving off the bottom, especially on longer open face waves. The lower sweep angle and cambered foil keeps this fin highly manoeuvrable in the pocket, yet still delivers a feeling of control at both low and high speeds, and when performing in more critical sections.


The FCS II HS has a customised carbon layup. Tight carbon mesh strips at the front and rear of the base radiate to a loose carbon mesh in the tip. This secures stiffness in the base while providing a relatively free tip flex. Aesthetically the fin is very unique and features a monochromatic snakeskin inlay that produces a sleek, high-end finish that’s in line with the HS brand.

“I’m excited to launch the first fin collaboration between Haydenshapes and FCS. For the design, i’ve combined a unique transitional flex pattern through the carbon fibre webbing with the Haydenshapes fin template to suit the Hypto Krypto Futureflex. It was important for us to have a uniqueness in the look and feel of this fin, and inject the Haydenshapes style and aesthetic down to the finer details.” -Hayden Cox
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    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

    Name: Jeremy Flores
    Date of Birth: April 27, 1988
    Born: Reunion Island
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