Over the past few years, laid back Bondi lad Pama Davies has unassumingly carved out a rep as one of the world’s premier free surfers. And while it appears that riding 40 foot monsters isn’t at the top of his bucket list, milking the most fun out of every session is, and we’re totally onboard with that.

Watching the man surf, it’s pretty clear by the lines he draws and his silky smooth style, that his skills have been honed on a variety and different waves and surf craft. Just recently his mojo caught the attention of respected surf brand Rusty, and they promptly signed him up to their program.

The man obviously has some serious frequent flyer status as well, and one destination that often appears on his itinerary is Bali. In fact, he calls it his home-away-from-home. So, when a early Indo swell appeared on the map back in May, Pama needed zero persuading to go try some new Rusty sleds and Rusty’s Shaper Series FCS II fin.

In this clip Pama rips into some of Bali’s ultra-fun beachies and delivers an ‘all-round performance’, which is exactly what the Rusty fin is all about.




Rusty’s fin has a long base which creates an abundance of drive and acceleration. It sits relatively deep in the water, and has a long leading edge with an extended medium-to-large size tip.

It’s interesting to note the tip has a thicker foil than most other fins, is therefore quite stiff, and will feel very receptive to the rider. So, when you push against the fins, the fins will react immediately with forward speed.

The trailing edge has significant curve, and the sweep is not too high, meaning tail release is still achievable for surfers with enough power. The inside foil (IFT) on Rusty’s fin creates bite so you’ll feel really connected to the wave face during a more committed, drawn-out turn.



This template has been a favourite with Rusty’s team for many years because it’s a trustworthy fin in bigger, more critical waves. It delivers a feeling of control, and a positive connection to the wave that allows you to confidently drive hard off the bottom, and lay into a big turn without fear of sliding out. The quad set also delivers a feeling of control, but with a little more freedom off the tail.

While still considered to be performance orientated, Rusty’s fin is perfectly suited to higher volume hybrid models.

View the FCS II Rusty Tri Fin

View the FCS II Rusty Tri-Quad Fin

 FCS II Rusty Fin

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