FCS presents a limited edition box set of career-defining fins designed by four-time world champion Mark Richards.

Scroll through the annals of surf history and very few names rank as highly as Mark Richards.

With four World Titles to his name as well as an illustrious career as one of the world’s best shapers, Mark has long been regarded by many as one of the most influential figures in surfing.

Mark’s revolutionary twin fin designs, which still hold relevance today, allowed surfers to perform on a wave like never before.

These three limited edition FCS II fins provide a snapshot into MR’s storied career and his diverse range of twin fin templates that defined an era. The Freeride Twin, The ’78, and The Super Twin +1.

Ride them, cherish them and channel your inner-MR as you tap into the speed and turning freedom that’s synonymous with these iconic fin setups.

Each box set also comes with a limited edition MR postcard, personally signed by Mark.


The FCS II MR Super Twin + 1 features a contemporary twist on the original Freeride and '78 twin designs. The idea behind this template was to take the essence of the earlier fins, namely speed and high pivoting characteristics, and pair the template to modern style twins and hybrids by providing a more predictable feel with added control.

This was done by reducing the surface area, adding more sweep (rake) and introducing a small stabiliser fin which creates broad usability. With a flat inside face and low-to-neutral sweep, the MR Super Twin +1 strikes a balance between pivot, release and control. With a progressive approach to board riding in mind, this fin set is fast and loose with enough hold to confidently come off the bottom and rip through a nice turn. The Super Twin +1 lets you tap into the advantages of a twin with extra control off the tail.

Recommended for all fish, hybrid, funboard and twin +1 models. It is also a great option as a straight twin for lighter surfers and boards in the 5'-6' size range.

"I incorporated a stabiliser to this twin fin set to add diversity and open up a range of options in different conditions. This set works perfectly as a pure twin for a lighter surfer, or on a short twin fin board. I add the stabiliser when I still want to retain elements of a twin fin feel, while increasing hold and control.”

'78 TWIN

The FCS II MR '78 is the second iteration of Mark's world dominating twin fin concept. Developed from '78 and refined into the early 80's, Mark was looking to create a more 'all round' twin fin that would feel loose and responsive in smaller, everyday waves. The '78 had enough stability coupled with added turning freedom, which was the key to the smooth, yet aggressive surfing Mark wanted to apply in different conditions and locations around the world.

With so much surface area, these fins produce incredible drive and forward projection. They are intended to be used without a stabiliser for maximum drive and pivot. The balance between the area, low sweep and the fuller tip means they will turn in a very tight arc, but still provide enough control to confidently push hard off the bottom and when carving a longer turn.

Recommended for twin and mid-length models that are designed as a straight twin for use in a wide variety of conditions. They are also suited to modern fish, funboard and hybrid models.

"The '78 is my preferred fin when I'm riding a twin fin in small waves. The upright template and area in the tip give it the perfect balance between holding power, looseness, speed and manoeuvrability.”


The FCS II MR Freeride Twin takes you back to the era between '76-'77 when Mark was reshaping the way surfers approached riding waves. Cut from old fibreglass skateboard decks, the original Freeride fins paired with MR's revolutionary new surfboard design changed the direction of surfing and surfboard design forever.

The Freeride Twin enabled Mark to adopt a style of surfing that would kick-start his four consecutive World Title campaigns. The template was designed primarily to perform in the wide range of conditions that Mark was experiencing on the Pro Tour, including small beach breaks and smaller days in Hawaii at Off the Wall and Haleiwa.

The tip is narrow and more refined compared to his signature '78 and Super Twin +1 templates, enhancing the ability to pivot and turn freely. This fin sits very deep in the water which helps anchor and stabilise the tail in more powerful conditions and when performing sharper turns. The high gloss finish and coloured fibreglass panelling replicates the look of the original fins.

Recommended for straight twin models suited to bigger, cleaner waves with longer walls.

"The Freeride fin template was a major contributor to my personal success and 4 World Titles. It gave me the hold, drive and manoeuvrability to confidently ride twin fins in competitive situations during the late 70's and early 80's. I use this template in better quality surf, and for waves with a longer wall.”

FCS II Mark Richards Limited Edition Collectors Box Set

FCS presents a limited edition box set of career defining fins designed by four time world champion Mark Richards.

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