The best road trips are generally not done by sticking to main roads and expressways. The most memorable missions are found when you head off the beaten track, discovering waves and locations where few have ventured.


After two years of restricted movement and a travel itch that required some pretty urgent scratching, we decided to undertake the task of reconditioning an ex-military Land Rover.

The goal was simple; convert and strip back (and then rebuild) a fine piece of machinery and in turn, create the ultimate surf vehicle for strike missions up and down the coast.
With the help of our friends at Team Perentie, we got to work on reconstructing the truck. Everything was stripped back and given a new lease on life – the engine, gearbox, chassis, everything. Turbo was added for extra grunt, seats re-trimmed, custom rims matched with 33’ Mud terrain tires, and that was only the beginning.

The result? A custom-built FCS truck for surf missions and exploration when the waves are on. Stay tuned for coverage of our maiden adventure.


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