At the tender age of 18 Chris Christenson picked up a blank and proceeded to sculpt the piece of foam with some borrowed tools… That moment would kickstart a lifelong passion and pursuit
Having been mentored by master craftsman, Dick Brewer, and heavily influenced by his then neighbour, Skip Frye, Chris would develop a broad shaping philosophy and ability to design and shape any size and genre of surfboard.

Chris’s crossover interests in snowboarding, golf, fishing, riding motorcycles and trekking through the wilderness perfectly complements, and surely influences his purest approach to surfboard design and shaping.

Not one for fads or flavours of the month, Chris is content with crafting boards for how he sees a wave should be ridden. It’s an approach that’s seen his surfboards eagerly sought after by punters and pros alike.



While Shortboards and Guns are certainly in his wheelhouse, it’s his Fish, Twin, Mid-length and traditional Longboards that’ve become his hot ticket items. One thing is certain, there’s a special type of feeling you get when you ride a Christenson and it’s the very reason FCS has collaborated on a range of templates to compliment his shapes



Christenson Twin – Lending design elements from the keel category, the full tip, straighter trailing edge and high degree of sweep means this twin set is geared towards smooth performance surfing so you can push hard off the bottom and drive through turns without the fear of skipping out. Will complement most retro twin fish models.


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