If you haven’t already jumped on a twin fin setup, do yourself a favour… They’re super fast, they turn on a dime and offer a whole new wave riding sensation. Most board manufacturers now have dedicated twin models, but you can also apply these twin setups into your current quiver.

When talking twins, there’s really two categories; Twins and Keels. Twins have a more contemporary template and often come with a small centre stabiliser, while Keels have a more traditional template born from the original fish models surfed during the 70’s era.

One man who’s feeling the twin vibes is Mick Fanning. Having no immediate agenda with a performance shortboard, Mick’s been giving DH’s twin models, and the FCS II Twin and Keel range a solid workout. The results are easy on the eye, and quite frankly, makes us want to ‘tools down’ and go surfing.

In this clip Mick runs the FCS II Modern Keel in Performance Core (PC) construction featuring our ultra-light AirCore technology paired with DHD’s popular Mini Twin model.

FCS II Modern Keel Fin


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