The name Pukas has been synonymous with surfboard building for decades. Originating from the Basque region in Spain, Pukas has become a global brand, which isn’t just one shaper, but a club of shapers.

The late Peter Daniel’s was a valued member of the Pukas family. Besides building thousands of surfboards, many for tour professionals, he also developed a high-performance fin template.

Working closely with FCS, the original P.D template has been revamped and modified to suit modern and competitive surfing.

The FCS II Pukas Large sits in the Accelerator Family, meaning it’s considered an ‘All Round’ template with added control for punchy conditions. This is also the only set in this family with a smaller centre fin giving it added tail release.

Equally suited to beach and point breaks, The FCS II Pukas Large will grind a nice carve when pushed hard on the face yet still feel quite loose and free off the top.


Performance Glass Fin Material
Performance Glass (PG) fins are machine cut from layers of solid fiberglass. These fins are stiff and are widely used by pro level surfers because the integrity of the flex is maintained under immense force, and in the most extreme of conditions and situations.

View the FCS II Pukas fin

 FCS Pukas Fin


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